Human chain and protest procession of Pabna people demanding boycott of France


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The Daily Pabna

The people of Pabna have staged a human chain and demonstration demanding the boycott of France in protest of the insult and caricature of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), the world’s best human Islam and the guide of mankind.

SM Adnan Uddin, President of Team 18 Voluntary Organization Md. Mehedi Hasan Saadi, Abdullah Awal Tuhin, Kawsar Sardar, Milon Khan, Ipu Babu, Tanvir Ahmed addressed the human chain in front of Pabna Press Club on Thursday (29-10-20). Mir Sakibul Haque, Mahfuz Hossain, Taufiqur Toha, Al Amin Hossain Abir and others.

During the speech, Mehdi Hassan Saadi said, “No one will be spared if the world insults the Prophet and Islam ..! Islam is a religion of peace. It does not mean that if atheists mock the Prophet, we will remain silent about my Prophet, I’ll pick it up ..!
Islam is such a religion of peace
In the same way, Islam loves jihad against atheists. ”

The speakers also demanded that all French products from Bangladesh and Islamic countries unite to form a strong protest and movement demanding a boycott of their world. The people of Pabna also demanded a boycott of neighboring India as India has shown solidarity with France.

At the end of the human chain, the protest procession went around the city and ended in front of the Pabna Press Club.

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