Inauguration of ‘BCOS-Friendly Market’ in Online

The daily pabna
Seam Hossain sagor
Shopping BCOS-Friendly Market, one of the leading digital platforms in the country, has been launched with a focus on the needs of online buyers and sellers. The official journey of which will start on 18th August (Sunday). The event was held on Friday morning (August 14) at the BCOS Bandhu Bazar office at Mirpur-14 in the capital. At this time its founding members cut the cake from the present. The chief executive of BCOS-Friends Market, Dr. Korban Ali said that this digital platform will provide various opportunities to the buyers and sellers. There are opportunities to retail and wholesale thousands of quality products. There is a combination of domestic and foreign products in the friend market. However, domestic products will be given priority. Registration is free for entrepreneurs and businesses anywhere. He added that the opening offer of ‘BCOS-Friendly Bazaar’ has a 5% discount for the buyers. The first 10 days of free delivery will ensure safe and pure food supply, fair price, readily available on demand and continued supply in case of emergency. Will be kept. For now, everyone can shop through Facebook group. Their website will be launched soon. On the day of intense competition in the global market, the CEO sought the help of people from all walks of life to reach the top of the BCOS-Friendly Market in online shopping. All members including Korban Ali. Facebook Group ID of the organization

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